Our new SQF Certified 50,000 sq ft facility not only provides three times more manufacturing and warehouse space, but with over 30 ft high ceilings the total production process is now done through gravity feeding, which improves both efficiency and quality.

Production Capacity
We have a dry blending capacity of over 30,000 lbs per hour of dry mix. Soybean oil is pumped directly into the blenders, ensuring even dispersal throughout the mix.

Kosher Status
Our products are certified Kosher-Parve by KOF-K Kosher Supervision Service of Teaneck, New Jersey.

Quality Control
Quality control on both raw materials and finished product is rigorous, and achieved through a combination of chemical analysis using state-of-the-art titration equipment and test baking. We have full lot traceability.

Safety and hygiene receive the highest priority. We are in full compliance with OSHA and FDA rules and regulations.